BE AUTHENTIC- Bold or italic, never regular!

A renowned poet, Samuel Johnson said, “No man was ever great by imitation”. Even twins might be similar in appearance but not in mind. We are all blessed with uniqueness. Just imagine a world full of homogeneity! We wouldn’t have colors because everyone likes the same color. We wouldn’t have innovative inventions or discoveries as everyone would have the same thoughts and same mindsets! Either we all would be living the same life in harmony or would be fighting to death due to aggression. There would be no place for multiple emotions. Ah! Terrible to imagine as I write!

The beauty of coexistence is appreciating the differences and yet living in harmony.

Be Authentic

There is a thin line of difference between imitation and emulation. Imitation makes one a copycat lacking individuality and character while emulation helps one to mull over one another’s differences, learn to be as good as the one you admire, build up a character and succeed.

By imitating, one lets someone else’s ideas shape one’s mind. When we are born unique why don’t we have the courage to live unique? Imitating is killing oneself to live someone else’s life. Instead of being a remade version of someone, better to be an inspired version of someone we admire. The root cause is we become insecure when we sense someone is being applauded, when we believe in someone else’s potential more than us. Complications in life begin with comparisons.

When no one can be us, how could we think of being someone? Work on what lies within rather than what others do. We might want to live the life of someone we admire but it is certain that we cannot become them to live their life! Appreciate the uniqueness we possess. Let our actions resemble our authenticity.

Be a copyrighted version!

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  1. Nice Read:)
    Sticking to “Tried and Tested” and “Copy + Paste” seems so easy that we deceive ourselves by setting our goals focused on replicating successful lives without understanding their circumstances.What made someone successful , might not work for others. There is a plethora of anecdotes and experiences from the lives of successful people but we have to define our goals, vision of success and create our own roadmap . We should definitely learn from other’s lives , inculcate the good habits and avoid the mistakes but the goal should never be to just live their lives. Our longing for everything materialistic can be possibly satiated by imitation. But when we realize and carve for self-actualization and purpose in life , we might realize we have drifted down the wrong path for far too long..

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