Deadwood“, in an organization’s perspective, signifies the existence of resources that are in vain. Though we have an efficient Resource management groups as well as managers; like errors crept in books, we have deadwood crept in accounts and projects. They are neither self-satisfied nor their work goes great guns, instead they dilute the team spirit. This is because they induce a sense of “social loafing, free-rider effect and Sucker effect” within the teams. This nomenclature is least known to people yet they experience it often at work.


As per business dictionary, social loafing is connoted as the tendency of certain members of a group to get by with less effort than what they would have put when working alone. Two other common manifestations include
a)Free-rider effect, where some members do not put in their share of work under the assumption that other’s efforts will cover their shortfall, and thus cause
b)Sucker effect, where the other (fully performing) members lower their efforts in response to the free-riders’ attitude.

As a real time manager, one is aware of these deadwood. My question here is;
What is the optimal way to deal with these deadwood, cut them off or mould them?
If there is a genuine way of molding them to be at their best while contributing to the team, do post your perspectives in words 🙂 

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