“If you judge people, you won’t have time to love them.” – Mother Teresa

Each person has an untold story and not every such story has happiness filled within. There might be a few people who like to show their happy faces to the world despite all the agony that they undergo.

Sharing grief wouldn’t benefit any except for being a topic of gossip and pity.
Let people have their personal time and space, because some know the fact that people are ready to share their joy and not sorrow.

There are people who don’t like to complain no matter what! They focus on getting out of grief rather than dwelling on it and complaining. If a person hides a chapter of his or her life, it doesn’t mean that they should be looked upon as icons of conspiracy. Understand that they are strong enough to with-hold the pain.

Instead of judging their character, empathize! Be good to them, because all what we can do to help them is by making them feel blessed about what they posses. Shower care; make them have the strength that you are with them through all the odds.

I believe that no person is enough qualified to judge another.

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