Live to eat and eat to live

Scenario 1:

As the Keyboard clatters…

Rose : George, it’s 11 PM ! I have been waiting for you to have dinner since 8 ‘o’ clock. I cooked what you love and you are here with your head into the computer! I am sick of having hunger pangs now, could you join me for dinner at least now, please…

George: Rose, you know how important this task is , and I have a deadline to meet for this one. I would need an hour more. Please don’t wait for me. Finish your dinner and go to bed.

I've fallen for a man who won't commit - Coleen Nolan agony aunt column -  Mirror Online
Rose Waits for George. Image Source : Google

Scenario 2:

Mark: Helen, I am sorry for what I said last night. It’s almost a day since we fought over something petty and we haven’t eaten till now. I am damn hungry and feel weak, could we please eat now!

Helen: <<Sulking, lying on bed brooding over the past>>

10 Ways to Deal with Sulking Girlfriend - List Dose
Helen Sulking. Image Source : Google

Scenario 3:

Dave: Hey Mia, what’s the matter with you! Why do you cook oversized meals for a family of just 3 and why do you end up wasting food?

Mia: Dave, I do so for our son! Don’t you want him to eat well?

Dave: How much do you think he can eat ?

Mia: How much ever he wants . I want him to eat whenever he likes to. I don’t want him to feel hungry unlike you who always count and calculate for whatever he eats! And I don’t waste food, I am literally stuffing our helper with all the leftovers!

Dave: What! Why do you stuff her with what you think is inedible for us?

Mia: If I don’t stuff her , our neighbour anyways will! Why aren’t you happy? Atleast, she is eating what she cannot afford!

5 Signs That You're Overfeeding Your Kids | Food Network Healthy Eats:  Recipes, Ideas, and Food News | Food Network
Mia overfeeding her child. Image Source : Google

Scenario 4:

Diane: I will not eat anything until you pay for my staycation with friends !

Carl & Jane were worried about Diane as she is just 13 and they do not trust her with her notorious company.

Carl: Are you kidding me! Now stop this nonsense, eat and go to bed!

Jane: Diane, please understand us, you are still 13 and you still need our support when you want to do something like that. You are too naive for something like staycation with friends! And what is it to do with your food? Why take it all on your meals?

Diane: Mom, you should know that I am not a kid anymore. I know my limits and I can take care of myself. If you have any questions or problems with me , then you should question your parenting too! And I can live without eating!

Intolerable Parents Paying Entire Tuition | CU Nooz
Diane’s tantrums with her parents. Image Source : Google

Scenario 5:

Ben: No one in this house values me. No one even cares to feel what I feel for myself. <<Door Slams>>

Jean: Son, its 3 PM and don’t skip your meal. I got your favourite food for lunch.

Ben: Stop acting like you care for me! I am not going to eat what you get!

Depression Quiz for Teens | LoveToKnow
Ben Depressed. Image Source : Google

Scenario 6:

Kelly: Mom, these veggies taste like shit! I cannot eat veggies all day!

Sharon is a working woman and yet she tries to feed Kelly, healthy and nutritious meals week long .

Sharon: Kelly, these are good for your health and you know I am making whatever you like on weekends. What tastes good for you is not healthy always and I cannot feed you junk daily!

Kelly: <<Shoves away her plate to floor>> This is the real junk! Bland and lifeless!

What To Do When You Don't Like Vegetables | KwiCure
Kelly shoving away veggies. Image Source : Google

Sharon cleans up the floor and goes out in the backyard to find two kids, one trying to feed the other from leftovers in the trash can.

Source: @art_publishers Instagram @MauroSilva Instagram

Food is the most precious of all that “our simple life” is made up of ! Yet, we have every reason to ill-treat it and victimize our bodies just for the sake of lacking means to vent out our so called man made emotions. The picture above moved me! How ironic! In a world where people beg to eat food, we want someone to beg us to eat food! It’s high time we realise, no emotion is greater than your hunger! It’s natural for beings on this planet to feel hunger and thirst! Plants thirst for water, animals salivate for their meal, humans feel hunger and yearn for everything good and bad for their life and sustenance yet ill-treat hunger and food!

It’s funny if you think you can show your anger by suppressing your hunger. Instead of feeding your ego, please feed your stomach! Many people out there do not even have time to think of ego or self-respect , they only want to eat to survive. If you think your work will feed you, no! It is you who should understand what you are working for! You are making money to eat. It is not earning money, it is earning your bread and butter. Just retrospect and understand the scenarios and conversations above:

  1. If George understands that anyway he needs to sit for long hours to finish the task and that it only takes 20 “good” minutes to have a meal in peace, he could have put his computer on standby mode, Rose and George could have had a happy meal together post which he could work with better energy than while he was working with hunger pangs.

Fact: Right quantity and quality of food and water carry enough oxygen to your brain to keep it active and healthy.

2. “Never say No” when your spouse comes to you with a cup of coffee or a meal idea even after a hair hauling fight. I mean, how many do you think would do that? It simply means “love over all”! Let a hearty and healthy meal be your icebreaker. If you still feel the other one is wrong, eat and fight πŸ˜€ There are many ways to say no but certainly food is not the way.

Fact: Eat healthy to live a healthier and longer together πŸ™‚

3. Dear kids, never think skipping a meal would get you your tickets to staycation! And certainly, you cannot live without food unless you feed your body with the remaining panchamahabhutas or 5 elements of which our body is made of.

Dear Parents , educate your child about the fact below. Do not stuff your kids so much that they do not understand the value of hunger. There is a way to eat and size to eat. Educate them of minimalistic and clean eating. Let them run to healthy food , not to doctors and yoga teachers for obesity and other diseases. So, no more tantrums with food.

Fact: As per ayurveda, our body is made up of panchamahabhutas or 5 forms of energy/ elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The earth form represents the solid food that we take in. We are surviving because of food we take unlike yogis who absorb all the other elements from nature. We should eat food to survive.

4. If you are depressed and furious about someone or their behaviour, why show it all on your meal? If you think you could die peacefully by not eating food for days , that’s a myth. You will only cripple yourself with multiple diseases and die in pain. So think before you choose food as a catalyst for venting out your frustration and thinking world would empathise with you. Forget it! You can’t even gain sympathy from your body for your man made emotions. Hence the hunger irrespective of your problems.

Fact: To all those people who are depressed and lonely, you have a friend and it’s called hunger. It calls and looks out for you even though you neglect it. Respect your hunger, treat your tummy with healthy meals, it treats you back with vitality to survive . Do you even know that healthy eaters are less likely to be depression prone? “You are what you eat”, said Buddha. Ayurveda said, “Annamayam hi Saumyamanah-your food manifests into thoughts and emotions”. So eat well and take care of yourself πŸ™‚ Remember, no one cares for you, like you!

5. Helpers don’t deserve what you do not deserve. They are humans too. Treat them with edible things not stale leftovers. Give a man a hundred pounds when he needs and treat a poor woman when she is hungry. It is likely that the woman remembers you better than the man even though you helped both of them. You know why!

6. Eat to feed your soul , not to satisfy your taste buds. Everything that is tasty is not healthy but if you understand the meaning of healthy eating , you will feel the taste in everything you eat.

Fact: If you think food and nutrition are separate then it’s a mistake. Healthy food has nutrition that nourishes every cell in your body. Junk might appear satiating your taste buds but healthy food satiates your soul. The answer does not lie in being strict with your diet, it lies in balanced eating. How well your mind controls your food habits!

We all live to eat and eat to live. This is an undeniable fact. We are blessed to have what we have on our plates. There are many who yearn for it but cannot afford.

Feel grateful for every morsel you take in. Love your food. Find balance in your food habits . Eat healthy , stay happy πŸ™‚

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