An introvert who uses blogging as an aid to communication. Hope that’s crystal clear!

To elucidate my profile – I am a Gemini. The most predominant traits of a Gemini are passion and versatility.
Gemini’s believe variety is the spice of life . So am I, from being an Indian classical dancer, to an engineer,  an MBA,  a film journalist at tollywood,  blogger, calligrapher, painter , getting certified as aromatherapist to finally attaining a yoga teacher certification from the Ministry of Ayush-India , I lived in versatility. Now, unlike the scary idea of being the jack of all trades and master of none, currently I am trying to graduate in CIPD L5 HRM because I spent most of my life working to be a passionate HR.

I did my MBA with a dual specialisation –  major subject of interest being HR , adding a tinge of Marketing to it. I have also worked as techie at HCL COMNET , Bangalore, post my Engineering. I had also worked as HR with TCS-Hyderabad, RAKBANK and Rivoli group – Dubai.

That’s how I was called “Wellness Expert”

A sneak peek into my lovely life