Vegan Chocolate Truffles/ Vegan Tragacanth Gum Truffles

Cuisine : Indian

Mode of cooking : Vegan & Satvik

Preferred Meal : Snack Time

Health Benefits : Multi-nutrients in one whole serving. Sugar free , vegan snack enjoyable by everyone irrespective of age if consumed in moderation. Best for those who have sweet cravings and solves the puzzle of “Where do vegans get their protein from?” 🙂

Alternate Version: Tragacanth Gum Truffles

Cooking duration : 10 minutes

Shelf-life : 2-3 days


Roasted/Soaked Almonds – 1/2 cup

Roasted/ Soaked Cashews -1/2 cup

Pumpkin Seeds -1/2 cup (Optional to roast)

Pistachios -1/2 cup (Optional to roast)

Soaked Dates/ Raisins – 1/2 cup

Raw cacao powder -1 tablespoon

Dessicated coconut – as per your taste ( for garnishing the truffles)

Tragacanth Gum / Gund – 2 tablespoons (Indian- Alternate Version)


  • Dry roast all the nuts . Roasting is optional as it reduces nutrient value. In case you are soaking the nuts, do not remove the peel to keep the nutrients intact.
  • Blend the nuts with cacao powder and soaked dates or raisins until you get a thick sticky consistency.
  • Once done, roll them into balls , dip and toss them in dessicated coconut for garnishing.


Soak the tragacanth gum/ gund overnight before dry roasting and blend them along with the nuts and other ingredients. Usually people roast gund in ghee but for the betterment of planet as well as your health, prefer soaking the gum overnight to reap the best benefits.

This is the simplest snack ever and could be an enjoyable guilt-free binge.


Tragacanth gum is fabulous for women in pre-pregnancy phase and it is an edible gum from plant.

It is good for maintaining the hormonal health, however it is a coolant and should be consumed in summers rather than in winters for it purely depends on the metabolic health of an individual. Take care while you prefer eating this.

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