Perceptions – their influence over behavior

Perceptions! Our world revolves around them. Every thought that crosses human mind is subject to perceptions, results in attitude and affects consequent behavior. But, we do know that beliefs are the basis of perceptions. A fable picked from Mahabharata, an epic depicting the epitome of quality living, speaks about how Sri Krishna explains the concept of perceptions to Duryodhana and Dharmaraja.

Sri Krishna, who is portrayed as a great philosopher and teacher in the epic, once asks, Duryodhana to find all the good people in the world and get them to him. He also asks Dharmaraja to find all the bad people in the world and get them to him. After a rigorous search, in quest of finding the good and bad people in the world, Duryodhana and Dharmaraja get back to Sri Krishna accompanied by none.

Duryodhana says, “Krishna, I have globe trotted yet couldn’t find a single good being! Everyone I got know had at least one bad quality. Most people are selfish, money-minded, and unpleasant and had their hearts filled with greed, jealousy and vengeance”. Krishna with a gentle smile turns towards Dharmaraja while he says, “Krishna, I wonder how there could be no good people in the world because all whom I met were good at heart, benevolent in some way or the other, quite welcoming. I saw a world full of people living in harmony and peace.” Krishna, with his eyes wide and graceful smile says, “Duryodhana, as you met people, you were only searching for the bad in them ignoring all the good and hence you did not find any good person. Your quest was for negative qualities in them, to judge their goodness. While Dharmaraja’s quest was for positives in people in order to judge them before concluding that they were bad. So, there is nothing such as good or bad in the world, it’s only the perspective that differs”. While thoughts swirl in their mind, Duryodhana and Dharmaraja admit their occhiolism and learn from the preaching of Sri Krishna.


Dear readers, I agree to the fact that, there exists some bad situations but, it’s only the perspectives of people that create bad situations but not people. Blame a situation but not people. We all are good and divine and maybe that’s why we are called ‘manKIND’. And so, we exist in a society despite our differences. Wearing a positive lens to look at the world helps 🙂

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